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PBET Workshop
PBET Workshop

On-Site Workshops: The PBET Workshop at Your Location

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  • Save money. You eliminate the cost of travel for all your participants.
  • Gain common language. Everyone in your organization will be working on training as one team, approaching training in the same way, using the same language and strategies.
  • Get a jump start. Is your team beginning to develop a course for a new product? With planning, we can arrange for your participants to complete 20 lesson plans for your machine by the end of the Workshop.

Your Company: Working Together with
One Plan for Training

Program Options

On Site Requirements
  • Class Size. Solid Performance Solutions (SPS) allows a maximum of ten participants.
  • Classroom. Host company must provide a room that is not less than 600 sq. ft. (56 sq. meters). It must have movable chairs and tables. (A conference room with one large board-room table will not work.) Typically two students will sit together at each table. Tables should be free of equipment assemblies and computer work stations.
  • Equipment. Host company must provide:
    • Computer projection system to work with our laptop computer.
    • Easel. (We bring the paper pad and markers.)
    • We provide Workbooks for each participant at the rate listed below under "Costs."
  • Refreshments.
    • Lunch breaks during the Workshop are for 60 minutes. A company cafeteria ensures a timely return to class within one hour. If your company does not have a cafeteria, a simple catered lunch is suggested to manage the schedule.
    • Optional: morning and afternoon snacks in the training room.

On Site Costs
  • General. Our on site charges remain the same in 2015 as they have been since 2004, although the travel costs for the SPS instructor have obviously increased. You will need a quotation from SPS; however the following will help you get an idea of what that might be.
    • Instruction: US$ 6,300.
    • Materials (per person): US$ 80. (Outside North America: US$ 140)
    • Travel - Your quotation will provide this charge.
  • Quotations. SPS can provide you with two kinds of quotations.
    • Initial Quote: This is provided when exact dates are not known. This is an estimate.
    • Final Quote: Once you have the exact date decided and the approximate number of participants, SPS can provide you with a final quotation.

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PBET Workshop

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