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Resources from the PBET Workshop - All Downloadable

    a PBET web page where you can access these Workshop downloads:
    • The Lesson Planning Form (LPF)
    • PBET Steps Summary
    • Job Aid for Writing Objectives
    • Task Analysis Job Aid
    • "Identify" Job Aid
    • Self-Audit Checklists

SPS Bulletins / White Papers

    "Help for Writing Performance Objectives for Equipment Training." -- 20 pages of instructions and examples taken from the PBET Workshop. It includes the step-by-step editing guide developed in 2013. (It replaces a Bulletin with a similar title that had far less detail.)

    "Rethinking the Development of New Product Training" (16 page Bulletin) Do you have a strategy to get new product training completed on time? This bulletin includes sections on:
    • The Unworkable Timeline.
    • A Better Timeline.
    • The New Product Customer Support Development Team (CSDT).
    • The Secret: Collaboration with Engineering.
    • Daily Activities of the CSDT.
    • Suggestions of What Should be Tackled First.
    • Political Considerations for CSDT Success.

    Also available is a set of slides to help you present the ideas in the above white paper to others in your company.

    • PowerPoint slides to accompany the above white paper, "Rethinking the Development of New Product Training."
    • PDF version of the slides to accompany the above white paper, "Rethinking the Development of New Product Training."

    "Key Factors in Creating a Complete, Correct, and Clear Equipment Manual" -- since a PBET course depends upon a good manual. This 10 page white paper includes information on:
    • The criticality of a complete, correct, and clear (CCC) manual in order to do PBET.
    • The benefits of Information Mapping®.
    • The benefits of controlled English.
    • The benefits of global English.
    • The criticality of the right staff and the right organization of the staff for a successful manual.
    • The composition and function of a New Product Customer Support Development Team.
    • 3 Parts of the PBET process that apply to creating manuals.
    • 8 tips for assuring clarity in the equipment manual.

    "Tips for Managing Prerequisites" This 12 page report suggests various ways that a supplier can use an inter-departmental task force to develop policies and procedures that can increase the likelihood that trainees in your courses match the prerequisites that you have identified. It is not realistic to get 100% compliance, however, with a concerted effort, you can considerably improve compliance from your customers.

    "How to Use Performance Objectives to Create Levels of Competence" OR "Establishing a Customer Service Engineer Certification Program" An 11 page report.

    "The Importance of Providing Feedback During Practice, And How to Do It" A 6 page report.

Job Aids: Manuals and More

    a PBET web page "Mr. PBET's Recommendations Concerning Equipment Documentation." Includes:
    • Information Mapping
    • Controlled English and Global English
    • Mr. PBET's Advice
    • Additional Links and Resources on Manuals and Documentation

    an external web page about Mistake-Proofing and other job aids.

Inexpensive e-Quizzing

    the external web page for SurveyMonkey. It's used primarily for surveys / polling. However, it can also be used to create a quiz. Has a free-use option. Online interface.

    the external web page for Quiz Builder 2. It's inexpensive but powerful software that creates flash-based quizzes. Download software to your PC (not Mac).

    the external web page for Class Marker. It's a free or inexpensive online quizzing site. Online interface.

Some TPIC Documents

    a list of TPIC Guidelines. The Technician Performance Improvement Council functioned from 1992 to 2008 under various umbrellas including Sematech, SEMI, and independently. The council was responsible for promoting the original PBET standards, and creating various training-related guidelines. This link takes you to three Guidelines:
    1. Instructor-Led Training
    2. e-Learning
    3. Customer Support Certification
    Learn more about TPIC history.


    a PBET web page about Music During Training: Opinions, suggestions, links.

    a PBET web page about Professional Organizations for Trainers: Comments about ASTD and ISPI. Other links.

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