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PBET is a SEMI Standard: Introduction

What are "SEMI Standards"? - Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) is the global association that represents the interests of the semiconductor and flat panel display industries. SEMI's standards' activity is a way of assuring continuing productivity. Read more about the SEMI standards program by going to the SEMI website.

What's the New Training Standard Called? - It is titled, "Guide for Equipment Training Best Practices." It is identified as Standard E150.

What is the Purpose of Standard E150? - The purpose of this standard is to provide recommendations for developing and delivering equipment training so that it is performance-based. Performance-based equipment training (PBET) is more effective than other forms of training; it ensures that the workforce of SEMI equipment owners can successfully install, use, maintain, and repair their equipment. The standard does not attempt to address all aspects of equipment training, but rather addresses those practices that help to ensure that equipment training is performance-based.

Who Needs to Know About Standard E150? - The standard applies to any SEMI member company that must develop equipment training. It is of use to those who develop and/or deliver training to equipment operators, maintenance technicians, equipment engineers, service personnel, and applications/process technicians and engineers. The PBET Workshop, taught by Solid Performance Solutions (SPS), has been training semiconductor industry trainers to apply PBET since 1995. Get this four page bulletin which answers the question- Who Should Get PBET Training?

Brief Overview of the Standard

What Is In the Guide? - Standard E150 has two main sections: (1) a brief explanation of the process of PBET and (2) a list of the characteristics of PBET. The SPS website provides a helpful summary of both the process and characteristics of PBET.

What is Needed to Implement Standard E150 in Your Training? - The E150 standard is an overview of the process and characteristics of PBET, and therefore just an introduction to what needs to be done. Actual implementation of PBET will require competencies from the field of human performance technology beyond what is stated in the standard. Naturally, any individual company may already have implemented part or all of the standard. SPS provides a PBET audit program and a self-audit check list to assist companies in self-evaluation.

What is the Origin of Standard E150?- In October of 2006, the North American Metrics Committee approved the creation of the Equipment Training Task Force to look at a variety of issues related to human performance improvement activities. Read the mandate of the task force (ie., Task Force Organization Form, or TFOF) here. By May of 2007, the task force had finished a draft on the Guide for Equipment Training Best Practices (SEMI Standard E150), which was subsequently approved, and then published on October 15, 2007.

The task force was able to complete the draft so quickly because it leveraged the work already done by the Technician Performance Improvement Council (TPIC). This group was created in 1992 as the Technician Training Council by SEMATECH and SEMI-SEMATECH. Among it's first accomplishments was a list of training characteristics which formed the basis of the PBET Workshop, first written by SEMATECH. More background can be read here.

Where to Get More Information

To Get a Copy of SEMI Standard E150 - Go to the SEMI Store website.

To Get an SPS Bulletin Summarizing the Process and Characterics of PBET - Go to this SPS web page.

To Get Help on Implementing the Standard, Read More About The PBET Workshop -

To Get Some Self-Study Materials - Solid Performance Solutions will gladly make available some self-study material upon request. Included in this offer is the following:
  • IDENTIFY PBET CHARACTERISTICS: A PowerPoint file that provides material to read and some simple review exercises.
  • LIST PBET STEPS: A PowerPoint file that provides material to read and some simple review exercises.
  • AVOID FALSE PBET STEPS: Access to an online, 30 minute video presentation that describes common training development errors that can lead to a non-PBET course.
  • PBET E-NEWSLETTER: A short letter that summarizes developments related to performance based equipment training and provides articles, job aids and links of value. You will be added to the distribution list automatically, if you are not already subscribed.

To request the self-study materials and newsletter from SPS, please send me a request by email. See my email address in "Contact" box at bottom of this page.

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