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Richard Goutal
aka "Mr. PBET"
Richard "Dick" Goutal was the Training Manager for a large semiconductor equipment supplier until he established Solid Performance Solutions in 1992.

Since that time he has worked with many businesses in the semiconductor world, helping them to implement the principles of performance-based equipment training. Richard personally conducts every PBET Workshop. Occasionally, he has provided Workshops for other industries, for example, the medical equipment business.

Richard has regularly updated the Workshop materials with relevant examples and current references. He has conducted the Workshop in 14 countries and, by 2012, he had "PBET-ized" (certified) over 1600 technicians, trainers, service engineers, and technical writers that work in the semiconductor industry. In addition he has consulted with equipment suppliers, assisting them with PBET implementation.

During 2012, Richard began offering an online version of the PBET Workshop - however, it consists of only about 10% of the original classroom version at present. In addition he occasionally blogs about issues facing equipment trainers at "The Hi Tech Trainer."

CONTACT RICHARD GOUTAL AT SOLID PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS: Richard's email address and telephone number are at the bottom of every page of this web site (in the footer). Alternatively, use the form below to send a message. All fields are required.

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