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About "PBET Certification"

Students participating in the PBET Workshop must perform the actual training development and delivery tasks / skills that are taught and demonstrated in the Workshop. When they perform the tasks to the level required by the task objective, they are "signed off." Upon completion of the Workshop or Workshop segment, a certificate is given that lists the tasks that the trainee mastered in the Workshop.

This "certification" is recognized by specific companies that request "PBET Certification."

Available: The PBET Seal on Your Company Website

Let your customers know that your staff has been certified in performance based equipment training instructor skills. Display the "PBET Seal" on the training page of your company web site.

Many supplier training sites inform visitors that they offer performance based equipment training (PBET). Providing this information is even more important now that PBET is a SEMI standard. Displaying the PBET Seal will tell visitors a great deal about your training. Clicking on the seal will take them to a web page that explains the value and background of PBET - for example, the Seal at the bottom of this page is visually and functionally the same as what you would get.

Solid Performance Solutions (SPS) will provide the HTML or artwork for the seal (shown at bottom) upon receiving a request from any company with instructors that have been certified at the PBET Workshop.

In order to display the seal you must obtain the Request Form from SPS and return it. Download Request Form here.

The Form asks that you:

  1. Provide (at least some) names of instructors that currently provide training at your facility. SPS will verify that they have been certified against its database of certified Workshop attendees.
  2. Agree to display the Seal only under these conditions:
    • Seal must contain a clickable link to the SPS page that provides information about the Seal. (Click the seal below to view that page.)
    • Seal must not be altered. (For example, the words, "Learn More" must be retained.)
    • Seal must not be reduced to less than 200 (W) in width x 135 (H) pixels in height. The sample seal below is displayed at 200 x 135 pixels.
    • Seal must be removed if you no longer have instructors certified in PBET by Solid Performance Solutions.

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