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What is PBET?

PBET is performance-based equipment training. It is a way to prepare and deliver training that ensures that trainees can actually perform the equipment skills required by their job.

How can you tell if a course or training program is performance-based - that is, if it is an authentic PBET program or course?

Just as a carpenter holds up a plumb line to determine if a wall is straight, there are two "plumb lines" --that is, two sets of criteria-- that can be used to determine if training is performance-based. One plumb line concerns the steps of the performance improvement process; the other is a set of characteristics about the resulting training.

You can read an overview for each plumb line by downloading a paper as a pdf file.

Have the Performance Improvement Process Steps been followed in developing the training?
Download the performance improvement process article.
Click for pdf. file.
Does the training course / program reflect all of the PBET Characteristics?
Download the
PBET Characteristics article.
Click for pdf. file.

More Resources

PBET Glossary -- Download as a pdf document.

PBET Presentation -- To help you explain "PBET" to others in your company, a PowerPoint slide presentation may be useful. It has 39 slides and presenter's notes to assist you in making the presentation. (2 MB file.) Download the PowerPoint document.

SEMI Standard E150 -- This document contains detailed information on the PBET Steps and the PBET Characteristics. However, the document is owned and sold by SEMI. This link is to the appropriate SEMI storefront.


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