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Specific Ways that Solid Performance Solutions (SPS) can Help:

Not square. Leaning.
Challenge #1

Your company is asking: "Do we, or don't we, already practice PBET?" -- Or, "Isn't our training program already quite effective?"

Does your program "square" with the PBET Standard or not? Maybe it is clearly leaning and not square. Or, maybe you are in doubt.

A similar challenge: Your new customer is coming to perform it's own training audit. It is part of a pre-purchase assessment "report card." Are you ready for them?


Invite SPS to evaluate your program, and provide you with a report. We call this a "Training Audit." An objective, outside assessment can help.

Get Your Team
in a Huddle

Challenge #2

You have a new product requiring a new course development project. There is a tight deadline. Your whole staff must be "on the same page." You have already scheduled an onsite PBET Workshop at your facility for all those who will be working on the development and delivery of that course.

What else can you do?


Invite SPS to stay at your company for a few days following the Workshop. We can "jump start" the project through the difficult organizing stage, by assisting your team in creating a list of tasks and a learning hierarchy.

With those two tools (and the training from the Workshop), your team will be able to work confidently to the project's conclusion.

Richard Goutal
Challenge #3

Your customer has asked that all of your product training be done "according to PBET." But your various managers and supervisors are not sure what this means or where this will lead.

How can you get everyone on board?


Invite SPS to provide a half-day seminar --or webinar-- "What Our Company Needs to Know About PBET."

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