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PBET Workshop
PBET Workshop

We provide...
Performance-Based Equipment-Training (PBET)
Consulting and Train-the-Trainer Workshops.

What is Performance-Based Equipment Training (PBET)? It is a way to prepare and deliver training that ensures that trainees can actually perform the equipment skills required by their job.

What is an authentic PBET course or program? See, "PBET Explained."

We help companies implement PBET through...

  1. Workshops so you can learn to develop and/or deliver performance-based equipment training at your company.
    • Find out why this Workshop is unique.
    • Read a complete description of the Workshop.
    • Check out the schedule of Workshops around the world.
    • Register for a PBET Workshop.
    • Decide whether to have an on site Workshop- at your location.
    • Who needs to have the PBET Workshop? Typical attendees.

  2. Audits to help determine the current level of PBET implementation. Read about our audit program or download a training course self-audit checklist.

  3. Consults to help jump-start the implementation of PBET programs at your company. We also provide course development assistance on a contract basis.


Richard Goutal
aka "Mr. PBET"
Owner, Solid Performance Solutions
Solid Performance Solutions has been providing workshops on implementing effective technical training since 1992. Learn more about us.

In the semiconductor industry, PBET is a SEMI Standard for supplier training. Learn more about SEMI Standard E150.

Companies that have sufficient staff trained in PBET methods may display on their websites the seal below. Learn more about the PBET Certification Seal.

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